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When Eric Met Candice

I have to admit I love a good #romcom or #meetcute story, but I never believed that I would have one. I mean, those things only happen in the movies...right? WRONG! I love the story of how Eric and I met. It seems like something straight out of a #Hallmark Movie. Grab some popcorn and enjoy the story.

I remember the day I met Eric like it was yesterday. It was a hot July 1st day in 2010. My day started off making the daily deposit for my parents’ store at the bank and I was looking like a hot mess. I didn’t bother to do anything with my hair that day, scrunched the curls and pinned it back a little, no makeup, a Margaritaville t-shirt, denim shorts and flip-flops. I mean, who wouldn’t want to meet someone looking so cute lol. Anyway, I parked my car outside the window of the conference room and made the deposit. When I was leaving, my dear friend, Gerilynn, walked out to say hi and couldn’t wait to let me know someone wanted to meet me. I had a hard time believing her because I had little self-esteem.

Gerilynn and I were meeting up for lunch that day. She asked if I minded Eric joining us. I figured why not? I need to meet this guy that she was talking about.

The three of us met for lunch. Eric and I hit it off and had so much in common. Gerilynn told me how cute he was the moment I was noticed getting out of the car. He was giving a training when he noticed me, he stopped what he was doing and stated “Who is that? I’ve got to meet her”. I can’t help but beam every time I think about it.

Over the next week, Gerilynn would let me know Eric would ask about me all the time. Something told me to ask for his number. Eric and I started texting, because who talks on the phone anymore. We would text for hours every night. 3 weeks later we started dating and 2 1/2 years later we got married. We got married on a beautiful Spring day in March 2013. We knew we wanted to start a family right away. 16 months later Hadley was born. Stay tuned to see how this little warrior has been a fighter since day one and started us on our journey to Living a Special Life.

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